SpaceCatch is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn augmented reality-based game with RPG features. You build your character, train them with your own physical activity, buy and collect upgrades and fight hordes of aliens invading Earth and the city you live in.

Players collect resources together to prepare for large scale invasions and participate in real life community events that give them the opportunity to get rare upgrades and a unique gaming experience.

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“We want the game to be accessible to as many players as possible, and while it offers a Play-to-Earn model, it definitely isn’t Pay-To-Enjoy.”

Pay aspects
  • NFT packs ($CATCH)
  • NFT item repairs ($CATCH)
  • Booster ($CATCH)
  • Raffles ($CATCH)
  • Invasion pass ($CATCH)
  • Buying items from secondary markets
  • $CATCH token directly to SC treasury. 50% of the tokens converted to BNB, 50% held
Earn aspects
  • In-game achievements (BNB)
  • Earn NFT packs (NFT)
  • Quests (BNB+NFT)
  • Sell NFT items/cards/packs (BNB)
  • Sell resources (BNB)
  • Staking ($CATCH)
Characters from the game


Our vision is to build a fun, engaging game that fully utilizes Augmented Reality with mobile gaming in a similar way Pokemon Go did – but we want to go even further. We are developing a unique blend of free gaming with additional premium features, an additional blockchain layer and NFTs offering additional opportunities to have fun and earn.

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